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Heather Englehart invites you to explore her unique painting style. Her process has evolved out of her training as an architect where she learned to work in a cylindrical mode rather than a linear one. As an architect, Heather designs the walls and structures of buildings, line-by-line and layer-upon-layer. As a painter, Heather works in much the same way, experimenting with the lines of an image (both by hand and computer) and then manipulating layers of paint to build the image into a new creation. READ MORE...
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  • Home Page - This is where you are Now. Heather Blog's about work for an upcoming show links to all other pages shown below.
  • Blog Page - Take a look at Heather's works in progress for upcoming shows by clicking on the "Blog" Button. Currently on Hold.
  • About Page - Introduction of the artist, Heather Englehart. Learn about her means & methods by clicking on the "About" Button.
  • Gallery Page - See a sampling of Heather's work by clicking on the "Gallery" button. Once in the gallery you will see six separate categories of work.  Upon clicking on each of the images you will be able to see several samples of Heather's work.  Each individual painting may be viewed in detail by double clicking the image itself. 
  • Purchase Page - Much of the work in the Gallery is already sold, however there are a few original pieces and a few prints for purchase.  If you are interested in commissioning Heather to do a painting specifically for you, contact her by emailing her at the contact page.
  • Contact Page - Heather answers all incoming email herself.  Contact her by clicking on the "Contact" Button.