Faces of Haiti
This series of paintings entitled "Faces of Haiti" includes work from the one night "Faces of Haiti" Charity event in New Orleans where Heather Englehart partnered with Former Saint's Mike McKenzie & WDSU's Joel Vilmenay to raise money for Haitian Relief Efforts

Every Day Life
Primarily Acrylic - A variety of subject matters. Each of the pieces is original. It is rare for Heather to create prints of the images you see here, making them one of a kind and increasing their value.

Military Paintings
All originals are now part of a permanent collection at the Center of Military History in Washington D.C., but keep your eye out as many of the pieces are on traveling exhibit.

Watercolor Paintings
Many of the artist’s Water Color pieces are very loose & expressive. Expect to see more free style pieces soon.

Through A New Lens
This collection is a break from her traditional style. The inspiration for this work still comes from everyday life objects, a flag, a rusted car door or even the paint on her palette, but with this group Heather takes a step back and looks at them through a new lens, letting her tools (brushes, palette knives, & fingers) do all the talking.